Hobby teams, competition teams, etc.

Hobby groups

Hobby groups are teams for both new and more experienced cheerleaders. In WCV there is a hobby group for all age groups, from so-called the micro age group to the classics age group. In the hobby groups, you get to know cheerleading and practice the basics. The hobby groups are mostly level 1, or in older age groups level 2. The hobby groups participate in the WCV`s winter and spring show, but do not participate in any competitions.

Beginners in competing

You can sign up for the beginners competition team both if you are new or if you have allready experience in cheerleading. In this team no qualifiers are arranged. The teams participate in 1-2 competitions per season and participate in the WCV's winter and spring show.


Competition team

In WCV, we have competition teams in the age classes mini, youth, junior, ladies and classics. The competition team has qualifiers in August week 32. The competition team requires previous experience in cheerleading (or another sport that supports cheerleading, e.g. gymnastics).  WCV's competition teams compete at level 1-6. The competition teams compete 2-4 times per season and participate in WCV´s winter and spring show. The teams goal is to place well in all competitions.


Representation Act

In WCV we have four representative teams; Lithium (competing in the mini level 2 series), Quicksilver (competing in the youth level 3 series), Iron (competing in the junior all-girl level 5 series) and Platinum (competing in the ladies level 5 or level 6 series). The athletes in the team train purposefully and the teams aim to place in all of the season's competitions. The team arranges qualifiers in August week 32.