Age classes


Micro is the age group for the very youngest. In WCV we have two teams in the micro-age class, Tin and Helium. Tin is a group for 1-3 year olds, where the parents are also involved in the training. In Helium, the children are born in 2018-2020 and training allready with a trainer by themselves.


Mini is divided into a few age classes according to SCL:s rules. The hobby team in the mini age group is aimed at those born in 2017-2019. WCV:s competition team Zink has the age limit of 2017-2013 born who are beginners in competing and can therefore compete in the series mini level 1 feedback form (minit level 1 palautekaavake). The other competition teams in the mini age group are aimed at 2013-2015 born.


The Youth age group has the age limit of 2013-2010 born.


In the junior class, the age limit is 2006-2010 born.

All Girl Premier

In  All Girl Premier the age limit in WCV is 2006 and earlier born. In this category we have one team, Platinum.


In the adult age class, we have a team, Valens, which is aimed at those born in 2008 and earlier.


The Classics series is aimed at cheerleaders over 18, and thus the age limit is 2006 and earlier born. In classics, the series we have a competition team Rust.